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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall is Emerging Finally!

Today was a very nice day Loved the weather I can tell it's cooling off alot more this pleases me very much! This outfit is just the beginning of what I have in mind for this Fall's Wardrobe ;) I'm completely favoring the deep tones of brown, burgundy, mustard yellow. Oh and I am Infatuated with the new golen tones, salmons, rusts for Fall as well so so beautiful! It's intersting to me that it seems 60's and 70'S style pops in and out of fashion very consistently. It's a great style the most fun out of all past style if I might say. I think once this era of boho seems to fade once again from the spot light. I shal continue to stay true to who I am a hippie on the inside and the music dont get me started on that music. It's the very heart of folk, and rock and roll, <3 it! From The Doors, to The Who, Led Zepplin, James Taylor, The Beatles, Pink Floyd They are all very great Musicians to remembered all through time just like the times they lived in 60'S and 70'S PEACE AND LOVE 2 ALL!
 Walking down this road you never knew, just what was waiting for you.
 Folk Baby!
* My colage :My Idea of This Falls Ideals
 Got my Leatherette shorts finally!
 Brittny "60's and 70's  girl Colage"
My most favorite super model of all time Adriana Lima in a beautiful golden brown another color I'm favoring this season!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Folk Girl

 This Day was a beautiful Day warm and bright and with a nice Breeze Oh how I loved that breeze. I threw on my blue jeans and some of my favorite cowgirl boots along with a easy going western style button up and my Indian Inspired Tasseled vest. This Folk look is always alot of fun. I had my Boyfriend take pictures for me in front of his house where it seemed like a good view for the style I chose for the day. This hat also I thought gave it a nice sofetr look rather then just wearing the usual cowboy hat.