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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Retro Girl's Perspective

 This whole Retro Style coming back has been slowly happening more and more. I first used to hear people commenting negatively on the fashions coming back. Now I feel that it has basically become a very big part of fashion these days. I have always loved the 40's 50's 60' 70's and even 20's style. To me it is very elegant and fun. Sixties and seventies gear has defintately got me hooked for quite some time now! The floral and funky prints, The big sunglasses, Tall Boots, The wedge heel, Tassels, Flared Jeans, I love it all so very much!!! This look is one of my favorites, the print of this dress makes me feel up beat and bold and definately very elegant. I'm excited to show off my spring wardrobe it's almost here! Last night I sat with a couple of friends listened to classic rock and talked over coffee and cigarette's. These times are when I'm the most happy being with close friends and listening to great music :)
Charlie a Little Chihuahua with alot of character he's Adorable!
 Love these heels the cut out's add such feminine edge.
 Getting ready for the night!
 Strike a pose ;)
 Nerd Alert!
A night of Mystery and Music.....

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  1. Cool Dress My Dear!! :)

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