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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nature's Groove

 To me Nothing is better than a day out in nature and good ol Hippie urban chic style! Today I went by the office of my new job and got some paper work done. Afterward I was to get some Starbucks coffee which I cannot do with out ever lol. I can Imagine what they must think of me coming in daily I'm pretty sure I'm the only one so I don't feel so bad. This morning when I picked out my outfit I was in the mood for Groovy. So I threw on a pair of my old Vintage Jeans and paired it with my Urban Outfitter's Floral Button shirt, socks to match and my favorite little brown booties with the peep toe and can't forget about my little brown leather bag that's been sitting in my closet for too long. I must say this is one of faves for the week and was very fast and easy to accomplish. Accessories can always be an easy help to dress up an outfit as well. This look to me has a very Autumn Feel. Autumn's my favorite time of the yr so til next yr I'll have to dress the memory ;)
Ballerina, You must have seen her dancing in the sand.  -Elton John "Tiny Dancer"
 Hippie Fanatic... Urban Craze...
 Golden Leaves
 Favorite Little Booties
Close up*

Reindeer's and Flakes

 The days of winter will be coming to an end shortly and flakes and reindeer prints will be no more. It will be all about the florals and pastels. I favored this sweater very much this winter. It's very Light weight and cozy to wear. I paired with my black eyelet Oxfords in the beginning of the day while it was cool but not too cold. As it got much windier and chillier near the late afternoon I swapped my Oxford's for a pair of Boots and some socks and also put on fuzzy hat for extra warmth. Then once again it felt like true winter <3 I enjoy it while it lasts.

 More suitable for the chilly night to come

Really Adore my Boots...The color is great!

Art Is Everywhere

 Out while walking my dog Bella  through  dried up water bed I felt that everything look so very beautiful and I just wanted to take pictures. Each little thing around me just seemed like a piece of Art this made me feel happy. I always wanted to be a photographer along with many other glamorous things.
 An old Chair as a centerpiece.
 Look up to the sky.
  Twig Flower
 Lemon as yellow as my scarf
 Countryside is always peaceful
A Piece of  Art
Flowers stay bright

Brightest Winter day

 There are some days when I just want to dress out of the ordinary and have alittle fun with my wardrobe so I'll take things I wouldn't normally wear and pair them. It's a little kooky but I always have a good time mixing and matching. It was chilly and dim out so i felt like brightening up the day with my Forest Green Vertigo Trench, Mustard Yellow Tights and My Multi-Colored Western Print Bandanna along with my yellow little charm bag. It was a bright day after-all!!!
 A Very Bright Green Trench Coat.......Lots of fun!
Colorful Volks Wagon Van....I would love to own one of these and cruise by the beach :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Retro Girl's Perspective

 This whole Retro Style coming back has been slowly happening more and more. I first used to hear people commenting negatively on the fashions coming back. Now I feel that it has basically become a very big part of fashion these days. I have always loved the 40's 50's 60' 70's and even 20's style. To me it is very elegant and fun. Sixties and seventies gear has defintately got me hooked for quite some time now! The floral and funky prints, The big sunglasses, Tall Boots, The wedge heel, Tassels, Flared Jeans, I love it all so very much!!! This look is one of my favorites, the print of this dress makes me feel up beat and bold and definately very elegant. I'm excited to show off my spring wardrobe it's almost here! Last night I sat with a couple of friends listened to classic rock and talked over coffee and cigarette's. These times are when I'm the most happy being with close friends and listening to great music :)
Charlie a Little Chihuahua with alot of character he's Adorable!
 Love these heels the cut out's add such feminine edge.
 Getting ready for the night!
 Strike a pose ;)
 Nerd Alert!
A night of Mystery and Music.....