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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Heart My new Riding Boots

 So the other day I had bought these boots and I've been wearing them ever since. They are super comfortable and stylish. I already have a pair very similar to these but the color of these ones are much deeper. I didn't realize how much shoes really do effect an outfit. That's why so many girls and women own an extreme amount of shoes. I'm one of them haha but yet I still can't stop buying more. I suppose I'm like this with everything kind of clothing piece and bags i love bags cant ever have enough!  I m now in the search for a black pump to go with all my little black dresses, then i just might be golden ;)
 I'm obsessed with socks, even before they got super trendy I just love em!
 It's as if my boots and bag were made for each other!
Taupe and copper buckles.....


 So winter seems to be fading quiet fast this year, at least in southern California. I was able to wear a skirt and heels all day without being chilly one bit. The sun had been out all day long shining down very strongly. It made me feel happy and excited for spring! I know i cant wait to bring back the denim shorts and crochet tops (my fave). I basically had an outfit the matched the day "sunny and bright".
 My friend gave me this Feathered necklace as a Christmas gift I very much like it.
 Wedge heels are probably my most favorite kind of heels there so retro!
 Exotic Bird Ring I bought from my work.
My key chain even has the Hippie Feel.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Free Spirit at Heart

 This has got to be one of my Favorite entries I absolutely positively Adore my new poncho/cape. This piece of clothing in particular makes me feel super chic and I actually feel that it represents my up most favorite fashions. The Indie inspired trends, I'm from southern California and this was once the land of the Native Americans and In this I believe I am free spirited at heart. The life they lived and their culture i believe was so very peaceful and beautiful I only wish I can understand what it was like to have lived that way. The closest I can get to this is my trips up to Idywild mountain. Also whenever I'm out in an open meadow with a sunset so bright I close my eyes and dream of the life so simple that much of us don't know today. I feel satisfied when i take the time to remember that this land is for everyone and God gave it to me and to you. Free Spirited and Humble I pray we can all remember these little things that are so very important :)
 I'm never going to let this Necklace go I'll keep it for Always...
 Catch a dream and make it come true ;)
 Woven Beads of Ember and Turquoise....
 Totally Love my Peep toed booties and Vintage Native Style Leather Bag
 The Earth is my mother and that is ours to treasure and explore.....
 My Old Tan and Leather Seats give me Comfort.....
 Dream Away....But Always know what is real.
Tall Trees all around give me shade and air to breathe this makes me very pleased.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Love Love Love the Color Turquoise! It's definitely one of my most favorite colors ever. To me it's a color thats Beautiful anytime of year. Although I must admit it's greatly a Summer Color that brings out the Ocean waters tropical feel to our very own wardrobe, makeup, nail color etc. Anywho I recently went up and stayed with some friends in there cabin up in Idywild mountain. It was so beautiful up there and full of snow, I loved the fact that I woke up and out my window there were huge pine trees all around and snow all over the ground and cabins. We sat in the little kitchen sipping on a very tasty coffee mt friend Blythe had Brewed up for us. Then we sat out front on the deck and just looked out into the snowy forest. It was a experience that I will not forget I had a wonderful time. I'll be very excited for the next time we go up and stay with our cabin friends :)

 Me on a casual but also Busy day.
 Clogs are so trendy this time of year especially for us vintage style lover's.....
 Any satchel has me hooked!

 I love over-sized sun glasses there my absolute Fave!
 I am Totally obssesed with my little ring, it has such a vintage look which i love!
Mine and my boyfriend's Friends Little Cabin......It's a very cozy little place :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Forest

 This little Beanie is one of my faves it keeps me warm, cozy, Bright, and Happy!
 Kind of a Urban Outfitter's Look.....
 Little Explorer's on  a Mission.

 I adore this simple Key Necklace <3

I walked and through a beautiful Forest today with my Little Family that Consists of my boyfriend Rob, My dog Bella and Myself of course. There was a stream that went through and it was very fast flowing I almost slipped in no thanks to my dog haha. I am very much an out doorsy kind of person. I love being out with fresh air and trees and surrounded by people I love. Being able to get out of the house not only to work and shop is a must for me. I constantly want to be going on hikes and walks, I guess it's the free spirit in me calling out in need of Exploration. I'm grateful that my boyfriend finds me the most beautiful when I'm effortless and not always Full on makeup and dressed up. Although I do very much enjoy getting all dolled up daily :) Doesn't every girl?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Morning 2011

Today was the kind of day when I just wanted to sleep in and relax and not Rush getting ready or Even take the time to get all done up since we had a "Long Night". Last Night was a lot of fun since my boyfriend and I had our friends over for drinks to celebrate the new year. The weather here today made me feel very easy going and refreshed It's sunny out but still cloudy and very nice breeze comes in through the mountains just over the orange groves on my boyfriends Property.I Put on My Camel Pea coat and Yellow scarf, it's a very cozy scarf. I threw on my Mustard Leather Gloves and Pumps and out we went for some Breakfast with a few of our friends who had stayed the night. I'm thankful for this New Year and that we got to spend it safely with those who are dear to us. I hope the new year will bring more Happiness and more Opportunity, Love, and Peace as well for all of us.