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Friday, December 31, 2010

Fashionista In the Orange Groves

The Last Few months of this year have been super busy and crazy. I havent updated much so I'm really glad to be blogging again. My boyfreind and I took a nice walk through the Orange Groves by his House and it was so very beautiful. I could smell the citrus all around me and my dog bella was very excited to be on this little journey with us. I had to take some pictures of new Favorite Fur Vest and Toggle coat I absolutely adore them :)


  1. love the clogs...i have them in black from forever 21...:))

  2. Hola! estas preciosa. Hemos conocido tu blog por chicisimo y nos ha encantado, te seguimos!
    Si quieres puedes pasarte por el nuestro y así nos conoces, si te gusta te animamos a seguirnos.
    Besos y feliz año nuevo!!

  3. Love this outfit and you have got such a beauty face =)!

  4. Thank u Girls so much :)

    Yes That's where i got mine also haha