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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Forest

 This little Beanie is one of my faves it keeps me warm, cozy, Bright, and Happy!
 Kind of a Urban Outfitter's Look.....
 Little Explorer's on  a Mission.

 I adore this simple Key Necklace <3

I walked and through a beautiful Forest today with my Little Family that Consists of my boyfriend Rob, My dog Bella and Myself of course. There was a stream that went through and it was very fast flowing I almost slipped in no thanks to my dog haha. I am very much an out doorsy kind of person. I love being out with fresh air and trees and surrounded by people I love. Being able to get out of the house not only to work and shop is a must for me. I constantly want to be going on hikes and walks, I guess it's the free spirit in me calling out in need of Exploration. I'm grateful that my boyfriend finds me the most beautiful when I'm effortless and not always Full on makeup and dressed up. Although I do very much enjoy getting all dolled up daily :) Doesn't every girl?

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