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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Love Love Love the Color Turquoise! It's definitely one of my most favorite colors ever. To me it's a color thats Beautiful anytime of year. Although I must admit it's greatly a Summer Color that brings out the Ocean waters tropical feel to our very own wardrobe, makeup, nail color etc. Anywho I recently went up and stayed with some friends in there cabin up in Idywild mountain. It was so beautiful up there and full of snow, I loved the fact that I woke up and out my window there were huge pine trees all around and snow all over the ground and cabins. We sat in the little kitchen sipping on a very tasty coffee mt friend Blythe had Brewed up for us. Then we sat out front on the deck and just looked out into the snowy forest. It was a experience that I will not forget I had a wonderful time. I'll be very excited for the next time we go up and stay with our cabin friends :)

 Me on a casual but also Busy day.
 Clogs are so trendy this time of year especially for us vintage style lover's.....
 Any satchel has me hooked!

 I love over-sized sun glasses there my absolute Fave!
 I am Totally obssesed with my little ring, it has such a vintage look which i love!
Mine and my boyfriend's Friends Little Cabin......It's a very cozy little place :)

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  1. D I V I N A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!