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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Free Spirit at Heart

 This has got to be one of my Favorite entries I absolutely positively Adore my new poncho/cape. This piece of clothing in particular makes me feel super chic and I actually feel that it represents my up most favorite fashions. The Indie inspired trends, I'm from southern California and this was once the land of the Native Americans and In this I believe I am free spirited at heart. The life they lived and their culture i believe was so very peaceful and beautiful I only wish I can understand what it was like to have lived that way. The closest I can get to this is my trips up to Idywild mountain. Also whenever I'm out in an open meadow with a sunset so bright I close my eyes and dream of the life so simple that much of us don't know today. I feel satisfied when i take the time to remember that this land is for everyone and God gave it to me and to you. Free Spirited and Humble I pray we can all remember these little things that are so very important :)
 I'm never going to let this Necklace go I'll keep it for Always...
 Catch a dream and make it come true ;)
 Woven Beads of Ember and Turquoise....
 Totally Love my Peep toed booties and Vintage Native Style Leather Bag
 The Earth is my mother and that is ours to treasure and explore.....
 My Old Tan and Leather Seats give me Comfort.....
 Dream Away....But Always know what is real.
Tall Trees all around give me shade and air to breathe this makes me very pleased.

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